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Sure I am certain it was quite a coinsidence that it was the Philippines I chose when I considered where to go early 2010. I searched a place with a nice climate while we had a cold, snowy and dark winter here in Denmark.

Soon i looked at greater parts of Asia. I bought books and went to the library to study more about Asian countries. Soon I found out that the culture and the people of the Philippines are quite unique compared with the other countries. Because of its history it is the only Christian country - at the same time so different from here but also with something in common, anyway.


My first visit to this beautiful country was in February 2010 and I got so enthusiastic, that I had to repeat this success already in September same year and then twice in 2011. Now in 2012, I have been there already in May / June and plan to go once more this year.


(photo to the left: typhoon hitting the Philippines)

Since the start of 2010 the Phillipines became what I would call my country number two after my home country, Denmark. While composing this text, I have visited this beautiful country four times and I plan to visit it a couple of times in 2012.

Tilly is also a good reason for going to the Philippines. I am sure he will love meeting me again, although he had to wait for months.

I will try being honest describing the cultural "clashes" between Filipinos & Danes .... but ..... because there is a but - I can only describe in my own subjective way based upon my own experiences and life filosophy.

Of course there is more truth than the negative stories only but I need to give space to that as well.

The Truth Behind Au Pairs in Denmark
A Filipina to be deported while still running a case against her former employer
“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself” ― Earl Nightingale

Filippinerne er, selv om det er fattigt, også et meget rigt og moderne samfund. For eksempel er der et blomstrende kulturliv, hvorfra jeg her blot på min egen helt subjektive facon vil løfte en flig af den moderne kultur i form af nogle berømte filippinske kunstnere.

Even if it is poor, the Philippines is also a very rich and modern society. For example, there is a flourishing cultural life, from which I will just in my own completely subjective way lift a corner of modern culture as for example some famous Filipino artists.

"Rainy Day" af & med Baby M, der præsenterer Christian Bautista

Trailer fra "Esprit De Corps" instrueret af Kanakan Balintagos

Den filippinske instruktør Kanakan Balintagos af ovennævnte film, "Esprit De Corps" (korpsånd).

Foto fra "Cinemateket" i København, hvor denne film blev vist 28. august 2015.


The Filipino director Kanakan Balintagos of the above film, "Esprit De Corps".

Photo shot at the "Cinemateket" in Copenhagen, where this film was shown 28 August 2015.

Philippine News

Philippine News

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